HUG™ is a therapeutic calming device that is designed to give the sensation of both giving and receiving a cuddle. The initial concept was developed by Cathy Treadaway and Aidan Taylor from the LAUGH research project and then refined, prototyped and evaluated with 40 participants during the Welsh Government funded LAUGH EMPOWERED PSCI research.

HUG™ has a soft cushion like body and weighed arms and legs that wrap around the body. Inside, it contains a ‘magic box’ that simulates a heart beat and plays music. It can be programmed to play a person’s favourite playlist of music, poetry, stories or other comforting sounds.

HUG™ is available to purchase from HUG by LAUGH™ and further information about the product can be found on the website. HUG by LAUGH is partnered by Alzheimer’s Society through their Accelerator programme to help get HUGs™ to people affected by dementia.